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Blue Panda
Old English Sheepdogs

Poems - Old English Sheepdogs

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RUFUS Suzanne Zennie


A FINAL GOODBYEDianne McKee-Rowland

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Gamin by name and Gamin by nature

Such a short visit you had here

We could not help you stay and

We will miss you more each day

There will come a time we're told

When your absence does not leave us so cold

We wished for just one more chance to stroke your head

Or to watch you sleep in your favorite bed.

Sadly you have been called to the Bridge

Where you will wait for us to come over the ridge

We know your greeting will be so glad

And, we will treasure the time we had

Good-bye our beloved little girl.

Gamin Blue Panda Made in Paradise

Sadly missed companion to Ana Squelatti and her family



God made a shaggy dog one day, to run, bounce, jump and play.

He's the kind of dog you'd love to meet, but all he wants is another treats.

He knows no tricks, balls fly over his head, you turn off the T.V. and he'll run for your bed.

With all that hair he can't swim very well, but give him a beach and he'll run like hell!

He'll always stop to smell the flowers and he sleeps for hours and hours.

He's stubborn and sometimes a brat, not to crazy about that cat.

But all who see him can't help but smile at this beautiful dog, his grace, his style.

He'll protect, love and is loyal to the end, my Sheepdog my Rufus, my Best Friend.

Suzanne Zennie



To hold your paw

To stroke your head

To feel your paw upon my knee

To hear your bark>

Please just one more time

To scratch your back

To see you sleep

To watch you wake

To walk with you

To talk to you

Please just one more

Just one more year so you can experience each season one more time

Just one more month of sunny days to warm your aging bones

Just one more week to let you greet each visitor as a valued friend

Just one more day for me to share my most intimate thoughts with you

Just one more hour to watch you sleep trusting and secure in my love

Just one more minute

Just one more

Just one


And then I knew it was not for you to stay.

So I'll give you just one last good-bye and think of you each day.

Dianne McKee-Rowland



"He is gone!", they told me. Oh no! I cried it must not be.

Through my tears I look where he was wont to run.

What trick is this? I said. Look - there! here he comes.

Tongue lolling from grinning jaws, a happy bark comes to me on the air.

But why does it sound so faint? Almost like a half forgotten haunting memory.

He stops and bows in invitation to play, a gesture so dearly remembered.

Can't you see him? I beg with heartbroken prayer.

But now he looks at me with a knowing look of sadness in his eye.

My heart breaks anew as I begin to realize that he is playing now where no mere mortal can hope to go alive.

He turns and would return, then looks ahead as misty shapes begin to appear and I see again those who have gone before.

Now joy is on his face, Joy I feel stolen in that moment from my heart.

He races to meet the ones who come to greet him and shoulder to shoulder they fade from my tear filled sight.

I walk to where he stood and there upon the ground is one last quickly fading paw print, left perhaps to ease a final good-bye.

Dianne McKee-Rowland