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List of Books Featuring OES
(I did not include a review of all of them but have tried to add pub date and co.)

1. BOB-TAIL PUP - VERNON STOKES & CYNTHIA HARNETT - Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., London & Glasgow 1947
2. RAG TAG AND BOBTAIL - The Saalfield Publishing Co. Akron, Ohio This is a cloth book about a little girl and 3 OES pups.  Year of publication 1912
3. The Story Of Fuzzy Wully and Wooly Wonder by Hester Wagstaff -pub. 1946 L. Van Leer & Co. Ltd
4. Happy Tramp by Muriel Denison - pub 1942 by Dodd, Mead & Co. NY
5. Only - A novel by Winston Groom pub. 1984 G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY
Author based story on his own OES "fenwicke"
6. Children's series of books i.e.; Sprout and the Helicopter, Sprout and the Dogsitter by Jenifer Wayne with lovely illustrations by Gail Owens

Sprout is a boy who found an OES lost in the snow. The dog is named "Chops" because of the sound he made if left in the kitchen alone at night. Pub. McGraw-Hill Book Co. NY 1977 but an earlier pub is by Wm. Heinamann. Ltd., 15 Queen St. London

Sprout’s Window Cleaner by Jenifer Wayne with Illustrations by Gail Owens GB 1971 US 1976

Sprout and the Magician by Jenifer Wayne with Illustrations by Gail Owens – GB 1976 US 1977
7. The Matkota Legend - by Harley Oxmounter - pub. 1976 by Svenska-deearts.  A wonderfully funny book
8. Corky's Hiccups by Nicolete Stack - a children's book pub. by Whitman Pub Div of Western Pub Co. Racine, Wisconsin 1968
9. The Very Little Boy by Phyllis Krasilovsky - pub by Doubleday & Co, Inc., NY 1962 (children's book)
10. Emma's Dilemma by Gen LeRoy pub. by Harper and Row NY- London 1975
11. Our Dear Dogs by Ada Galsworthy (OES and others) pub. The Saint Catherine Press Ltd. London 1953
12. The Dream Team by Molly Albright (children) pub. by Troll Associates NJ 1988 Best Friends (another Troll Book) by Molly Albright 1988

The Big Showoffs ( Troll Book) by Molly Albright 1988

Video Stars, Another delightful story by Molly Albright with beautiful illustrations by Eulala Conner – 1989

 Fright Night, Another delightful story by Molly Albright with beautiful illustrations by Eulala Conner – 1989

13. The Most Beautiful Dog in the World by Jennie Abbott. (children) pub. by Troll Assoc. NJ 1988
14. Rags (A Little Golden Book for children) Author Patricia Scarry. Western Pub Co. 1970
15. Tippy's Naughty Day (Golden Book) Really delightful photos. This is a tiny book. Pub Western Pub Co. Photos by Conrad Hafenrichter. 1984
16. Sebastian (Super Sleuth and the Clumsy Cowboy) Children - by Mary Blount Christian. Pub in NY and London by Macmillon or Collier (lon) 1985. Wonderful pen and Ink drawings
17. Sebastian Super Sleuth by Mary Blount Christian (different from #16) pub by Firefly Paperbacks (Scholastic books) 1974
18. Especially Humphrey by Mina Lewiton pub by Delacorte press NY 1967
19. Sasha by Constance Millburn and Frank Rodgers pub Blackie and Son Ltd. Great Britain 1981
20. Mr. Mugs (A Canadian School series of books) by Martha Kambeitz Carol Roth pub Ginn and Co Ed. Pub. 1976 Canada There are at least 16 books in this series.
21. Woofrump Goes to the Specialty. No author given and my memory deserts me. Signed on the back with a paw print The Shaggy Lady 1978
22. That Big Bruno (school) by Sylvia Root Tester pub by The Childs World Elgin 1976
23. Billy & Bob The Grown up dog by Nicoletta Costa (children's book) Golden book 4 books in series. The new puppy, The Naughty puppy, The clever dog and the grown up dog. Pub Sadie Fields Prod. Ltd. London Printed in Italy Dist. by Macmillan Pub co. NY. This is obviously an OES but is shown just as a line drawing of a yellow shaggy dog.
24. The intelligent Dog's Guide to People Owning by Greyfriar's Flannel Petticoat in Collaboration with her Special Person Roland A. Browne pub. Funk & Wagnalls, NY 1967
25. The Terrible Mr. Twitmeyer by Lilian Moore and Leone Adelson Pub by Random House NY 1952
26. Snap, (How to act like a responsible almost –adult). This book is for young adults and is an adaptation by Dave and Neta Jackson, of the Mini Movie “Snap” by George Taweel and Rob Loos. 1994
27. Eddie’s Meagerie by Carolyn Haywood 1978.  A Troll edition was published in 1987
28 Enid Blyton’s Dog stories 1970 GB.  2 stories of dogs.  The first one Three Boys and a Circus involves an OES.
29 The Mascot Mess, Another delightful story by Molly Albright with beautiful illustrations by Eulala Conner – 1989
30 Meet Miss Dracula, Another delightful story by Molly Albright with beautiful illustrations by Dee deRosa – 1988
31 Puppy in a Puddle involves a deaf OES puppy, runaway litter mate and a Puppy Mill Broker.  Written in the UK by Lucy Daniels with very nice drawings by Ann Baum - 1999
32  The Shaggy D.A. Based on the Walt Disney Motion Picture, written by Vic Crume.  This little book has pictures from the Movie – 1976
33 Old Boot’s Private Papers – this is a wonderful cartoon book put together by Rod McKuen.  There is a lovely introduction by Rod McKuen about OES. The drawings are by Dennis Collins and written by Maurice Dodd – 1970
34 Paws Awhile, this is described as “A Collection of Cartoons in Celebration of The Old English Sheepdog”. Written by John Featherston and Dedicated to Florence Tilley. GB 1987
35 The Shaggy Dog, Based on Walt Disney’s film of the same name.  Adapted by Elizabeth L. Griffen – this has photos from the movie – 1967
36 Miss Spencer’s Dilemma, written by Jeanne Carmichael.  This is a Regency Romance novel that includes an OES “Faustus” in the story line. 1996
37 A Small Token and Other Stories by Jane Worthman.  This little hand-produced booklet contains 3 stories written by Jane and some of her drawings.  There is no date
38 All Alone (Except for my dog Friday), by Claire H. Blatchford – 1983 – This story involves a deaf 12 year old girl and a lost OES
39 Panza, by J.Harold. Carpenter with superb illustrations by G. W. Barrington – GB (no date)
40 Three and Domingo by Margueritte Harmon Bro with pictures drawn by Leonard Weisgard – US 1953
41 Fritzie Goes Home by Kate Emery Pogue, illustrated by Sally Augustiny.  A little Golden Press book 1974
42  Big Ben, a Scholastic book by Jenny Dale with a cover illustration by Michael Rowe and other illustrations by Mick Reid.  1997
43 Drover’s Dog.  Written by Sylvia Woods with illustrations by Gavin Rowe – 1983 GB
44 “Inordinate (?) Affection” by Ethel Smyth – illustrated by Mabel Wigan – GB 1936.  This is a lovely book that contains not only hand drawn illustrations but actual photographs.
45 My Inheritance by Gwen Mogford – GB 1985  This book is plumb full of good stuff about OES along with many photos.
46 Roger a Yorkshire Sheep-dog by Murdina Jenkinson with illustrations by Dorothy Wilkinson.  This book identifies the dog as a Bob-Tailed Sheep-dog.  The illustrations show a semp-prick eared, medium length coated, black and white dog. GB 1936
47 Andy – An Alaskan Tale, by Susan Welsh-Smith with Illustrations by Rie Munoz.  1988  A lovely tale about an OES in an Alaskan Village
48 Duke’s Special Friend by S.J. Mortimer with illustrations by Michael Terry.  This book was produced in association with Dulux (Paint . GB) 1995 A young child's book.
49 Rug – Story and pictures by Mary Rayner.  An easy Reader for ages 4-7 – 1989
50 Disney’s “The Book of Tall Tales featuring “The Shaggy Dog”.  1978
51 Milton my Father’s Dog by Eric Copeland – Canada 1939/1994
52 John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Wagner with illustrations by Ron Brooks 1997
53 There are innumerable “Barney” books.  Both story and coloring books.  These are based on the popular character of Barney in England.




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