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Designs By Dianne:Decorative OES Figurines

Blue Panda
Old English Sheepdogs


The dogs on the carousels are made by Dianne. The carousels - by Mr. Christmas, a world wide firm known for quality made products - are not made any more.

The calliope plays 21 songs, has an on/off switch and a volume control. It is heavy and is about 4" X 7" across the top.

Each carousel piece (there are 6 - picture taking a merry-go-round and dividing it into 6 pieces of pie) has a light over the dog which moves up and down like a regular animal on a merry-go-round.

Each carousel piece can be hung on a tree or it can be stretched out on a mantelpiece. Each piece is about 7" tall. The display can stretch out to approximately 6'.

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Dianne McKee-Rowland & Lita Long
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